Juxtaposition offers what might be referred to as a “harmonious marriage of contradictions”, the fact of two things being placed together with a contrasting effect. The spring/summer 2016 collection of VANESSAMORIN has the intention to create such an effect by using two opposing elements in one piece to draw the viewer's attention to the similarities or differences between the elements. It can be found in cut-outs vs. overlap constructions as well as layering vs. transparency in one piece. Soft, fluid materials in pure colors bring out the fragility and beauty of nature against the washed, cool colors reminding of concrete walls visualizing the uniformity of the urban world.


Black teams up with its favorite companion - white - to rule the color palette of minimalist shapes. Dresses, trench coats and overalls in electric blue add a dash of color to an otherwise monochrome palette, which is drawn from washed-effect finishes, ranging from sun bleached sand through concrete tones and ivory. The mix of crisp, clean surfaces and irregular wash effects adds real diversity, while details are all-important with slits along the center back, long strings, zips and layering adding the final touch. Long dresses and vests create elongated silhouettes and smart wrap constructions with cut outs on blouses, dresses and overalls guarantee an elaborated look. Formal pants with the VANESSAMORIN signature seam on the backside are dressed down when matched with essential jersey tops made of silk. Airy silhouettes and lightweight fabrics ensure these styles are fit for purpose in the heat of the day.